8th Class Mathematics Comparing Quantities Question Bank Comparing Queantities

  • question_answer A sum of money amounts to Rs. 11910.16 in \[{{1}^{1/2}}\] years at 12% per annum interest being compounded semiannually. Find the sum.

    A)  10,000 

    B)  12,000         

    C)  11500                         

    D)  10050

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a): Semi-annually \[\therefore \]yrs = 3 half years Also, interest rate for \[1\frac{1}{2}\] yrs = 6% Sum be 'S'. \[\therefore 11910.16=S\left[ {{(1.06)}^{3}} \right]\] \[S=\frac{11910.16}{1.191016}=10000/-\]


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