8th Class Mathematics Comparing Quantities Question Bank Comparing Queantities

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    Fresh fruit contains 68% water and dry fruit contains 20% water. How much dry fruit can be obtained from 100 Kg of fresh fruits?

    A)  20                               

    B)  30            

    C)  40 

    D)  50

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    (c): Let 1 kg of fresh fruit have 0.68 kg water & 0.32 kg solid fruits From 100kg, we get 32kg solid fruits+ 68 kg water In 1 kg dry fruits, we have 0.8 kg solid fruit & 0.2 kg water. Let 'x' kg, dry fruit be obtained \[=0.8x=32\] \[=x=\]40 kg (answer).   

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