8th Class Mathematics Comparing Quantities Question Bank Comparing Queantities

  • question_answer If the cost price of 20 greeting cards is equal to the selling price of 16 greeting cards. Find the gain or loss percent

    A)  20%                           

    B)  30%

    C)  25%   

    D)  40%

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    (c): C.P of 20 greetings = S.P of 16 greeting Let C.P of greeting card be 'x?. Let gain % be r% \[\therefore S.P=x\left( 1+\frac{r}{100} \right)\Rightarrow \]S.P. of 16 cards \[=16x\left( 1+\frac{r}{100} \right)\] \[\Rightarrow 20x=16x\left( 1+\frac{r}{100} \right)\] \[\Rightarrow \frac{4}{5}=\left( 1+\frac{r}{100} \right)\]             \[\Rightarrow \frac{1}{4}=\frac{r}{100}\Rightarrow r=25%\]      


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