JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Equilibrium Question Bank Common ion effect, Isohydric solutions, Solubility product, Ionic product of water and salt hydrolysis

  • question_answer In the reaction: \[{{H}_{2}}S\] ⇄ \[2{{H}^{+}}+{{S}^{--}}\], when \[N{{H}_{4}}OH\] is added, then             [KCET (Med.) 1999; AFMC 2000]

    A)                 \[{{S}^{--}}\] is precipitate

    B)                 No action takes places

    C)                 Concentration of \[{{S}^{--}}\] decreases

    D)                 Concentration of \[{{S}^{--}}\] increases

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

               In IVth group the \[{{S}^{2-}}\]concentration increase when added the \[N{{H}_{4}}OH\,\,\,\,\text{because}\]                    \[N{{H}_{4}}OH\]⇌  \[NH_{4}^{+}+O{{H}^{-}}\]                    \[{{H}_{2}}S\] ⇌ \[2{{H}^{+}}+{{S}^{2-}}\]                                 \[O{{H}^{-}}+{{H}^{+}}\] ⇌ \[{{H}_{2}}O\]. So that \[{{S}^{2-}}\]is increased.

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