JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles & Techniques Question Bank Chemical analysis of organic compounds

  • question_answer How will you separate a solution (miscible) of benzene \[+CHC{{l}_{3}}\] [AFMC 2005]

    A) Sublimation

    B) Filtration

    C) Distillation

    D) Crystallisation

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Distillation particularly fractional distillation because the boiling point of benzene \[({{80}^{o}}C)\] and chloroform \[({{61.5}^{o}}C)\] are close. Fractional distillation involves repeated distillations and condensations, in a fractionating column. As a result of distillation and condensation at each point of the fractionating column, the vapours rising up become richer in more volatile component and the liquid falling back into the flask becomes richer in less volatile component. Thus, the low boiling liquid distils first while the higher boiling liquid distils afterwards.

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