UPSC History Expansion Company and Bengal Nawabs Question Bank British Rule and Its Impacts and Regional Powers

  • question_answer Which among the following was not one of the provisions of the ' Communal Award'? [NDA 2009-1]

    A)  Member of the depressed classes were assigned reserved seats and separate electorates

    B)  Separate electorates for the Muslims

    C)  Separate electorates for the Europeans and the Sikhs

    D)  The separate electorates were to lapse at the end of 10 years

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

     On August 16, 1932, the British Prime Minister McDonald announced the Communal Award. The Communal Award was basically a proposal on minority representation. Important proposals were as follows: The existing seats of the provincial legislatures were to be doubled. The system of separate electorates for the minorities was to be retained. The Muslims, wherever they were in minority were to be granted a weightage. Except NWFP, 3 % seats for women were to be reserved in all provinces. The depressed, Dalit's or the untouchables were to be declared as minorities. Allocation was to be made to labours, landlords, traders and industrialists.


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