JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Question Bank Atomic Molecular and Equivalent masses

  • question_answer \[100\ mL\] of \[P{{H}_{3}}\] on decomposition produced phosphorus and hydrogen. The change in volume is                [MNR 1986]

    A)                 \[50\ mL\] increase               

    B)                 \[500\ mL\] decrease

    C)                 \[900\ mL\] decrease            

    D)                 Nil.

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

               \[\underset{100ml}{\mathop{\underset{2ml}{\mathop{2P{{H}_{3}}}}\,}}\,\to \underset{\text{(solid)}}{\mathop{2P}}\,+\underset{150ml}{\mathop{\underset{3ml}{\mathop{3{{H}_{2}}}}\,}}\,\] Increase in volume \[=150ml-100ml=50ml\]increase.

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