JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Question Bank Atomic Molecular and Equivalent masses

  • question_answer What is the concentration of nitrate ions if equal volumes of 0.1 \[M\,AgN{{O}_{3}}\]and 0.1 \[M\,NaCl\]are mixed together [CPMT 1983; NCERT 1985]

    A)                 0.1 M     

    B)                 0.2 M

    C)                 0.05 M   

    D)                 0.25 M

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

                    0.1M \[AgN{{O}_{3}}\]will react with 0.1M NaCl to form \[0.1M\ NaN{{O}_{3}}\]. But as the volume doubled, conc. of \[NO_{3}^{-}=\frac{0.1}{2}=0.05M\].

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