UPSC History Expansion Company and Bengal Nawabs Question Bank Arrival of Europeans

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    Which of the following European wars flared up the first Karnatic Wars in India?

    A)  War of Spanish succession

    B)  War of Austrian succession

    C)  War of devolution

    D)  Franco-Prussian war

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     War of Austrian succession flared up the first Carnatic War in India. The First Cosmetic War (1746 1748) was the first of a series of Carnatic Wars that established early British dominance on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent. The war demonstrated to French, British, and Indian observers the extraordinary advantage of European-trained military forces over those of the local Indian powers, and set the stage for the rapid growth of French hegemony in southern India under the command of French Governor-General Joseph Francois Dupleix in the Second Cosmetic War.

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