2nd Class Science Animals Question Bank Animals

  • question_answer Starting from the first letter, strike out every alternate letter in the given options and select the one that gives name of young one of the animal shown here.

    A)  R L S A U M A B B

    B)  M C N A C L P F Q

    C)  A K S I T D L

    D)  U C V U X B Z

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Elephant's young one is called calf, that we get from option (b) \[\cancel{M\,\,}C\,\,\cancel{N}\,A\,\,\cancel{C\,}\,L\,\,\cancel{P}\,\,F\,\,\,\cancel{Q}\]Option (a) gives LAMB, Option (c) gives KID and option (d) gives CUB.


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