6th Class Mathematics Algebraic Expressions - 854 Question Bank Algebraic Expressions

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    Identify the correct statement for the following algebraic expression:

    A) 2xzy and \[5{{x}^{2}}{{y}^{2}}z\]are like terms.

    B) \[7y{{x}^{2}}z\] and -\[~3{{x}^{2}}yz\] are unlike terms.

    C) 2xzy, - 5zxy and \[-3{{x}^{2}}yz,\,\,7y{{x}^{2}}z\] and \[8x{{z}^{2}}\text{y, }2yx{{z}^{2}}\] are like terms.

    D) 2xzy, - 5zxy and \[-3{{x}^{2}}yz,\,\,7y{{x}^{2}}z\] and \[8x{{z}^{2}}\text{y, }2yx{{z}^{2}}\]are unlike terms,

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: C

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