7th Class Mathematics Algebraic Expressions - 854 Question Bank Algebraic Expressions and Linear Equation

  • question_answer Which one among the following statements is not correct?

    A) Equation \[3x\text{ }+\text{ }2\text{ }=\text{ }8\] is true for only one value of x.

    B)  Equation \[3y\text{ }=\text{ }0\] is true for any value of y.

    C)  For x = -3, the equation can be formed as \[3x\text{ }+\text{ }2\text{ }=\text{ }7\]

    D)  For y =-1, the equation can be formed as \[2y+2\text{ }=\text{ }0\]

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: C


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