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    On an outline map of the India, mark and label the following features:
    (a) An area having less than 70 cm of rainfall.
    (b) An area having more than 300 cm of rainfall.
    (c) A city which receives rainfall from both the branches of south-west monsoons.
    (d) An area affected by tropical cyclones.
    (e) A city which receives rainfall from retreating monsoons.
    (f) An area receiving rainfall from north-east monsoons.
    (g) A station receiving highest rainfall in the world.
    (h) A station having the lowest annual range of temperature. (g) Direction of western disturbances.
    (i) Direction of Bay of Bengal branch of south west monsoons.

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  • question_answer2)

    On an outline map of the India. show the following:
    (a) Areas receiving rainfall over 400 cm.
    (b) Areas receiving less than 20 cm of rainfall.
    (c) The direction of the South-west monsoon over India.

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  • question_answer3)

    On the outline map of India six geographical features A, B, C, 0, E, and F are marked. Identify these features with the help of the map key and write their correct names on the line marked against each of it in the map.
    (A) Mountain Peak
    (B) Pass
    (C) River
    (D) Plain
    (E) Lake
    (F) Lagoon

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