SSC Descriptive Writing Current Affairs SSC-CGL (TIER-III) - Swachch Bharat

SSC-CGL (TIER-III) - Swachch Bharat

Category : SSC

Swachch Bharat

Key Points:



  • Mission detail
  • Clean India by 2019
  • Open-defeaction free
  • Leads to diseases
  • Previous mission
  • TSC and Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan


Action plan

  • Eradicate manual scavenging
  • 80% subsidy for individual toilets
  • Village sanitary complexes
  • Finance
  • Private sector
  • Swachch bharat cess



  • Just increasing number of toilet
  • Safe disposal of waste


Way forward

  • Attitudinal change
  • Awareness
  • Include NGOs



Swachch Bharat is an umbrella mission launched by the government of India to create a clean India by 2019. Covering both rural and urban areas, the mission aims to eliminate open defecation, which results in the spreading of infectious diseases and kill thousands of children every year, and stunt many more. Previous attempts at ensuring sanitation include 'Total sanitation campaign (1999) and Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (2014).

Apart from eliminating open defecation, the mission also aims to eradicate manual scavenging, a practice that degrades human dignity, by giving upto 80% subsidy for the construction of individual toilets for BPL households and constructing exclusive village sanitary complexes exclusively for women. It also aims at management of urban solid waste and creating awareness among citizens about sanitation. The government is trying to promote private-sector participation in financing this and has also announced a Swachch Bharat cess, considering the enormity of the project.

The major loophole of the mission is that it just aims at increasing the number of toilets, and doesn't ensure that people use it. Safe disposal of waste is not ensured, be it urban sewage or toilet waste.

Cleanliness is an attitude, and it has to become part of one's daily life. This attitudinal change can be brought about only by extensive awareness drives and participation of people, for which help of NGOs can be sought.

An attempt to bring a social change this big requires decisive steps, and with the inclusion of people, the dream of a clean India is not so far away.

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