JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry States of Matter Characteristics Of Gases

Characteristics Of Gases

Category : JEE Main & Advanced

(1) Gases or their mixtures are homogeneous in composition.           

(2) Gases have very low density due to negligible intermolecular forces.          

(3) Gases have infinite expansibility and high compressibility.           

(4) Gases exert pressure.           

(5) Gases possess high diffusibility.           

(6) Gases do not have definite shape and volume like liquids.           

(7) Gaseous molecules move very rapidly in all directions in a random manner i.e., gases have highest kinetic energy.           

(8) Gaseous molecules collide with one another and also with the walls of container with perfectly elastic collisions.           

(9) Gases can be liquified, if subjected to low temperatures (below critical) or high pressures.           

(10) Thermal energy of gases >> molecular attraction.           

(11) Gases undergo similar change with the change of temperature and pressure. In other words, gases obey certain laws known as gas laws.  

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