Notes for JEE Main & Advanced Physics NLM, Friction, Circular Motion

Sticking of Person With Wall of Rot..

Sticking of a Block With Accelerate..

Velocity at the Bottom of Rough Wed..

Stopping of Two Blocks Due to Frict..

Stopping of Block Due to Friction

Coefficient of Friction Between Bod..

Maximum Length of Hung Chain

Minimum Mass Hung From String

Motion of an Insect in the Rough Bo..

Motion of Two Bodies One Resting on..

Work Done Against Friction

Acceleration of Block

Calculation of Necessary Force

Angle of Repose

Resultant Force Exerted by Surface ..

Angle of Friction

Methods of Changing Friction

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fri..

Friction is a Cause of Motion

Graph Between Applied Force and For..

Types of Friction


Modification of Newton's Laws of mo..

Spring Balance and Physical Balance..

Motion of Connected Block Over A Pu..

Motion of Blocks Connected by Mass ..

Motion of Block

Acceleration of Block on Smooth Inc..

Acceleration of Block on Horizontal..

Apparent Weight of a Body in a Lift..

Free Body Diagram

Law of Conservation of Linear Momen..


Frame of Reference

Newton's Third Law

 Equilibrium of Concurrent Force


Newton's Second Law

Newton's First Law

Linear Momentum


Point Mass

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