9th Class Science Improvement in food resources Improvement in Food Resources

Improvement in Food Resources

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Improvement in Food Resources




  • Food supplies all the required nutrients for the development, growth and health of the body.


  • Cereals like wheat, provide carbohydrates, pulses (grams) provide proteins and oil seeds provide fats.


  • Hybridization is the crossing between genetically dissimilar plants.


  • Improvement of agriculture is done for higher yield, biotic and abiotic resistance, improved quality grade, adaptability and other factors.


  • Macronutrients are those that are required in large quantities by the plants (N, R K, Ca, Mg,S, etc.).


  • Micronutrients are those that are required in small quantities (Mn, B, Zn, etc.).


  • Manure contains organic matter and supplies nutrients to the soil. It is prepared by the decomposition of animal excreta and plant waste.


  • The process in which waste material is decomposed is known as composting. Compost prepared by using earthworms is called vermin compost.


  • Organic farming is a farming system with minimal or no use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides etc. and with a maximum input of organic manures, recycled farm waste and bio-agents with healthy cropping system.


  • Mixed cropping is growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land. For example wheat and mustard are often grown together.


  • Inter cropping is growing of two or more crops in the same field but in a definite pattern. For example maize and soya bean crops are grown alternately.


  • Milk producing animals are called milch animals and those that are used for farm labour are called draught animals.


  • Poultry is undertaken to increase the production of meat and eggs.


  • Five or six species of fish are raised (grown) in a single pond in order to reduce competition for food. This is called composite fish culture. For example catlas (surface feeders), rohas (middle zone) and mrigals (bottom feeders) are raised together.
  • Rearing of honeybees for honey and wax is called bee-keeping or apiculture.


  • Italian bees have high honey collection capacity.



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