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Judging Logic of Actions

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Judging Logic of Actions


In this section, we have to arrange the actions in a sequence. Some examples are solved to develop your understanding.


·                     Example - 1


Arrange P, Q, R and S between S1 and S6 in order to find the correct logical sequence of actions:

\[{{S}_{1}}\]: In 1857, revolution broke out all over the country.

P:  Everywhere the people rose in rebellion.

Q: In March 1858, British troops attacked the fort at Jhansi.

R: Thousands of people were killed on both sides.

S:  The British fought.

\[{{S}_{6}}\]: The Rams troops fought back bravely.


Choose your answer from the following options.

(a) PSRQ                       (b) QSPR

(c) RPSQ                       (d) SQPR

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)


·                     Example - 2


\[{{S}_{1}}\]: The earliest reference to the playing cards has been found in China, as long ago as the tenth century.

P : They appeared in Italy around 1320.

Q: Long before the Chinese used paper money which was similar in design to the playing cards.

R: It is believed that perhaps travelling gypsies introduced them to Europe.

S:  In olden days cards were used both for telling fortune and playing games.

\[{{S}_{6}}\]: The current pack of 52 cards was only regulated in the seventeenth century


Choose your answer from the following options.

(a) QRSP                       (b) QSRP    

(c) RQSP                       (d) RSQP

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)


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