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Notice, Message and Report

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Notice, Message and Report



Importance of Books


1.            You are head student of your School. Write a notice for school Notice Board informing all the students for a picnic party organised by the school, Sign yourself as Gita /Gagan.





2.            You are Harish/ Hanshika, Secretary of school cultural club. Write a notice; for school Notice Board that school is going to celebrate Holi festival, Celebrating Holi festival.





3.            You are Indu /Imtihan, a yoga teacher of your school. Baba Ramdev is coming to show some yoga to your school students. Write a notice for school notice board inviting the students to be a part of the yoga session.





4.            You are Jagjit / Jassy, examination in-charge of your school. Write a notice for school notice board and tell the date-sheet of exam for all the classes. Exam Date Sheet





5.            You are Kavita /Kaveer, Secretary of Extra Curriculum activities. Write a notice to the students informing about a debate competition between your school and G.S.S. School, Rani Bagh.





1.            Read the following between Miss. Diya Mrs. Suman.

            Miss Diya: May I talk to Divya please?

            Mrs. Suman: I am sorry, but Divya is not at home, this moment May I know who I am speaking to?

            Miss Diya: I am Diva her classmate. When she will be back?

            Mrs. Suman: She will be back by 6.00 p.m. She has gone for her music class,

            Miss Diya: Can you inform her that tomorrow school is closed'?'

            Mrs. Suman: Sure, I'll do that.


            Write a message for Miss Divya.





2.            Read the following telephonic conversation between Mr. Gambhir and Mr. Amit

            Mr. Gambhir: May I have a word with Gaurav please?

            Mr. Amit: I am afraid, Gaurav is not at home right now. May I knew w/'ho is on die line?

            Mr. Gambhir: I am Gambhir, his Science Teacher. Can you inform Gaurav to bring Rs.

            150/- for practical examination tomorrow?

            Mr. Amit: I'll inform him definitely

            Write a message for Gaurav.





Report Writing


1.            You are the lucky one who have survived a train accident. Write a report to the local newspaper including details of the event, the extent of damage caused and rescue operation.



            15th September, 2008

            From our Staff Reporter

            Last week I was travelling by Rajdhani Express from Mumbai to Delhi. I was an eye witness to a train accident. I was in deep sleep, suddenly I heard the crash which woke me up with a jerk. The train had stopped. I heard the cries and shouts. It took me a few minutes to realise that our train had collided with a goods train coming from the opposite side on the same track. The engine of both the trains got derailed. Three bogies were also derailed. Luckily there was no loss of life. Only a few passengers got injured. After three hours a relief train reached at the spot to take the passengers.


2.            Hemant / Hema writes a report for the local newspaper about the inauguration of a public library. Write his /her report in not more than 100 words.



            05th August, 2008

            From our Staff Reporter, Hema

            Our honourable education minister 'Lovely Single inaugurated a branch of Public Library at Naharpur. It took two years to get the Library building ready. A large number of VIPs and Principals of schools and colleges were present at this occasion. The library has a big house, and a hall comprising of 15,000 books in different languages. There is sufficient space available so that so many people can be accommodated at the same. He stressed the need of having a public library in every colony. So that the people could spend their extra time in a proper manner. A library is a boon for the students and also for those who do not find congenial atmosphere for study at home. It gives us a chance to enhance our knowledge.


3.            Mohan Lal is a correspondent from ?Nav Bharat Times (English)'. An exhibition was organised by the department of Small Scale Industries at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It was inaugurated by Union Minister of Industries. Mohan Lal being the correspondent was very much present there. He sends this report for publication in the newspaper. Write report not more than 100 words.


            New Delhi

            12th April, 2008

            By our own Correspondent, Mohan Lal

            Exhibitions are the lungs of a nation that detail us about the progress done in various fields. A fantastic exhibition was organised by the department of Small Scale Industries at Pragati Maidan. The Union Minister of Industries inaugurated the exhibition. All the states and union territories displayed their articles in their well decorated pavilions. Most of the items were manufactured by small scale entrepreneurs. The exhibition contains electrical appliances, computer parts, machinery items, sports material, toy's etc. This exhibition will last for twelve days.


4.            A bomb exploded in a crowded market. You a reporter for ?The Hindustan Times' visited the hospital where the bomb explosion, victims were admitted. You interviewed some of them to get direct information about their treatment, and care. Write a report in not more than 100 words of the event for your newspaper.


            New Delhi

            13th September, 2008

            Our Special Correspondent, Seema Chhabra

            Delhi, got a shocking news, a very powerful bomb exploded in a crowded market. The very next day a festival was due so the market was full of people. Twenty people died at the spot and ninety people got injured, nearly 150 people got small injuries due to bomb blast. The market caught fire. Situation become very crucial. People started running to save their lives. In this massacre some people also died. The 'Simi7 terrorist group has taken the responsibility of bomb blast. These type of heinous activities should be condemned by all. We should keep our eyes and ears open on all suspicious activities.


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