6th Class Science The Living Organisms and their Surrounding Living Organisms and their surroundings

Living Organisms and their surroundings

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Living organisms and their surroundings





  • The surroundings or place where organisms live is called habitat. Living organisms depend on habitat for their food, water, air, shelter and other needs.


  • The habitats of the plants and animals that live on land are called terrestrial habitat.


  • The habitats of plant and animals that live in water are called aquatic habitat.


  • The plants which grow in deserts or in very dry places where there is scarcity of water are cactus, agave, asparagus.


  • The habitat of animals that live in air for most of the time are called aerial animals e.g., birds.


  • The presence of specific features in the body which enable a plant or animal to live or survive is called adaptation, e.g., camel's hump


  • Change in the position from one place to another is called movement or locomotion.


  • The process in which digested food combines with oxygen to release energy is called respiration.


  • The process of removal of waste substances from the body of living beings is called excretion.


  • Things which exhibit some characteristics such as need for food, respiration, response to stimuli, movement, growth, and reproduction are called living things.


  • An increase in size, height and width is referred to as growth. Growth seems to be common to all living things. For example, a chicken hatched from an egg grows into a hen or cock.


  • Changes in body or other organisms caused due to surroundings that makes us or other organisms respond to them, are called stimuli.


  • Reproduction is the process by which living things produce more of their own kind.


  • Plants, animals and microorganisms together constitute biotic components. Soil, rock, water, light and temperature are some of the abiotic components of our surroundings.


  • The plants which grow in water are called hydrophytes, e.g., hydrilla, vallisneria, pistia, otus.


  • The plants that grow in moderate conditions of temperature, are called mesophytes.



Notes - Living Organisms and their surroundings

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