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*      Garbage



   Garbage may refer to the waste, an unwanted or undesired material or substance.

*            Types of Waste

There are two types of garbage biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable: The waste that can be decomposed by the microorganisms is called biodegradable waste. Biodegradable waste typically originating from plant or animal sources. For example fruit and vegetable peels, leaves, papers, cow dung, wood etc.




Non-biodegradable: The waste that cannot be decomposed by the microorganisms is called non-biodegradable waste. For example plastics, glass, metals etc.




*           Disposal of Waste

There are different methods of disposal of waste

Composting: By this method biodegradable waste is converted into manure which is used for agricultural purposes.

Biodegradable waste is dumped in a pit. When the pit gets filled, some buckets of water are added to it. The pit is covered by a paste of soil and left for about three months. The microorganisms present in the soil decomposes the waste into useful manure.




Vermicomposting: In this method biodegradable waste is converted into manure by redworms. The compost made by redworms is of high quality and known as vermicompost.


Recycling: In this method papers, some plastics, glasses and metal objects are separated from garbage and sent them to the respective industries for processing. Thus fresh papers, plastics, glasses and metals are obtained for reuse.

Reuse: This is the way of reusing papers, plastics, glasses and metal objects in the possible ways. For example a damaged plastic bucket can be used as a pot for growing a flower plant. So if we use these non-biodegradable waste for other useful purposes, we can reduce a great amount of garbage produced by us and this will help us in keeping the environment clean. Landfills: Landfill is a low-lying open area of ground where city's garbage is normally dumped.

A landfill also may refer to ground that has been filled in with soil and rocks instead of waste materials, so that it can be used for a specific purpose, such as for building houses. Unless they are stabilized, these areas may experience severe shaking or liquefaction of the ground at a large.




question mark      Which one of the following is a biodegradable substance?

(a) Clothes

(b) Copper

(c) Tin

(d) Polythene

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)



question mark     The microorganisms present in the soil decomposes biodegradable waste into useful manure. This method of disposing of garbage is known as:

(a) Composting

(b) Vermicomposting

(c) Recycling

(d) Reusing

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)




Waste materials or undesirable materials are referred as garbage.

Biodegradable wastes easily decomposed by microorganisms.

Non-biodegradable wastes are not decomposed by microorganisms.

Microorganisms present in soil helps in decomposition of waste materials.

Redworm is also very useful in disposing of garbage.

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