6th Class Science Garbage In, Garbage Out Garbage and their Disposal

Garbage and their Disposal

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Garbage and their Disposal




  • Discarded rubbish, refuse, domestic waste, used plastic items and wrapping materials are called garbage.


  • The wastes which can be broken down to harmless or non-poisonous substances by the action of microorganisms are called biodegradable wastes.

e.g.. Kitchen waste, waste from plants and animals.


  • The wastes which cannot be broken down by microorganisms are called non- biodegradable wastes.

e.g., plastics, glass, objects, metal articles, etc.


  • Landfill is an area where garbage collected from a city or town is dumped.


  • The manure obtained by rotting of plants, animals and waste from kitchen is called compost.


  • The method of making compost from kitchen garbage using red worms is called vermi composting.


  • Giving a treatment to waste to make it fit to use again is called recycling.


  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the 3R's of keeping the environment clean. Recycling of wastes saves precious resources and makes our environment clean.


  • In villages, animal excreta and farm waste are used to produce gobar gas or biogas, which can be used as a fuel to produce electricity.


  • Proper sanitation is a must for healthy living. Waste should be disposed of scientifically in landfills and compost pits. Methods adopted for disposal of wastes and thus maintaining proper sanitation are by dumping, composting and using sewage treatment plants.

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