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Mirror and Water Images

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Mirror Image

Suppose someone stands in front of a plane mirror. If he lifts his left hand, the image in the mirror shows his right hand and vice-versa. The left half of a body becomes right half of its mirror image and right half becomes left half.                                                                             


Note: If not mentioned, the mirror is assumed to be placed to vertically right of the object.






1.         Choose the correct mirror image of the figure (X).


              (a)                (b)            (c)          (d) 


Explanation (d):

The right side of the given figure will become the left side of the image.



Water Image

The water image of an object is the vertically inverted (upside or downside) image of the object.

The position of the water layer is horizontally just below the object.



2.         Which of the following has no change in its water image?

             (a) 6E                            (b) 2D                           (c) 3J                            (d) 0l


Explanation (d):             

Thus, 0l and its water image are identical. 

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