6th Class Mental Ability Embedded Figures Figure Matrix

Figure Matrix

Category : 6th Class

In such type of problems a \[~2\times 2\] or \[3\times 3\] grid is given.

This grid has some designs or symbols to form a pattern.

But a cell of the grid is left empty.

A candidate requires to fill up the cell.

Now, one needs to analyse the grid and identify a rule along row-wise or column-wise in the grid.






Complete the given pattern.

(a)                (b)                (c)                  (d)


Explanation (a):

Let us consider horizontally.

The second figure is obtained from the first figure by moving the line segment to the opposite side of the square boundary and replacing it with two similar line segments.

Also, the element in the lower-left corner gets replaced by two similar elements - one placed in the upper-left and the other placed in the lower-right corner.


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