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Reasoning Aptitude

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 Reasoning  and Aptitude


Reasoning and logic skills are an integral part of subjects like Mathematics. In this chapter, we will learn various problems related to reasoning and aptitude.


Problems Based on Missing Numbers

In these types of problems, we find out a missing number from a given set of numbers, which is appropriate and follow a certain pattern.


  •       Example:

Complete the series given below:

4, 10, 26, 72, 208, 614?

(a) 1815                                                            (b) 1820        

(c) 1830                                                             (d) 1836

(e) None of these

Answer (c)

Explanation: Here the pattern is given below:

\[4\times 3-2\times 1=\text{ }10;\text{ }10\times 3\text{ }-\text{ }2\times 2\text{ }=\text{ }26\]

\[26\times 3\text{ }-\text{ }2\times 3\text{ }=\,\,\,72;\text{ }72\times 3\text{ }-\text{ }2\times 4\text{ }=\text{ }208\]

\[208\times 3\text{ }-\text{ }2\times 5\text{ }=614;\text{ }614\times 3\text{ }-\text{ }2\times 6\text{ }=1830\]

Problems Based on Coding-decoding

In these types of problems, you will learn to code a word by using a certain pattern or rule.


  •       Example:

If 'SAMPLE' is coded as 'FMNOBT' then how would you code 'CLIMAX'?

(a) YBJLMD                                                      (b) YJBMLD     

(c) XJMNLD                                                       (d) DBJLMY

(e) None of these

Answer (a)

Explanation: Here we have the following pattern.



Problems Based on Puzzle

In these types of problems, the given information is summarized by a table.


  •       Example:

Joseph and John are good in hockey and cricket. Ketan and Yash are good in cricket and football. Arjun and Tuffey are good in baseball and volleybalL Ketan and Tapan are good in hockey and baseball.

Based on above information answer the given question.

Who is good in Hockey, Cricket, Football and baseball?

(a) Joseph                                                         (b) John

(c) Ketan                                                           (d) Yash

(e) None of these

Answer (c)



































Problems Based on Figure

In some of these types of problems two pairs of figures are given. You have to identify a certain pattern or rule used in the first pair of the figure and then apply the rule in another pair.


  •        Example:


            (a)                                                  (b)  

            (c)                                                 (d)  

(e) None of these

Answer (c)

Explanation: Clearly, in second figure the shape moves in \[90{}^\circ \] clockwise direction and circle disappeared. Hence by following this pattern correct answer is (c).

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