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*   Definition


A verb is a word which shows an action, state of being or possession of a noun or pronoun.                                                                                


The word which says something about a noun or pronoun is called a Verb. (All saying words are verbs)  


*     Look at the following sentences:

  •  Subhro had a good opportunity in his hand.
  •  Terrorists attacked the Parliament.
  •  He will proceed as per rule.

In the sentence given above, the word had, attacked and will proceed are verbs.  

Generally verb is divided into two parts. They are the following:

1.  Helping verbs: Is, are, am, was, were, has, had, will, shall, etc.

2.  Main verbs: Go, read, write, learn, sing, walk, talk, etc.

Verbs are divided into various kinds as per other criteria as well. See the following:  

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