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A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show the relation of a person of a thing with something else. For example: in, of, off, etc.

There is a cow in the field.

?In? shows the relation between the cow and the field.



1.            Simple Prepositions:

Which shows simply the relation of a person or thing with something else. For example: at, by, from


2.            Compound Preposition:

It is generally formed by prefixing a preposition to a noun, an adjective or an adverb. For example: about, behind, underneath


3.            Phrase Prepositions:

They are the groups of words used as a single preposition. For example: in accordance with, in place of


4.            Participle Prepositions:

The words which are similar to present participles of verbs are sometimes used as prepositions, they are called participle prepositions. For example: barring, concerning, etc.


Concering (= about) yesterday?s fire, there are many rumours in the bazar.



1.            Place

For example:

Went around the world.

Ran across the road.



2.            Time

For example:

After his death.

In the afternoon.

3.            Agency

For example:

Cut it with a knife.

He was stunned by a blow.


4.            Cause, Reason

For example:

Died from fatigue.

Took medicine for cold.


5.            Possession

For example:

There was no money on him.

A man of means.


6.            Measure, Standard, Rate, Value

For example:

I am taller than you by two inches.


7.            Manner

For example:

Fought with courage.

Won with ease.


8.            Contrast, Concession

For example:

After every effort.


9.            Inference, Motive

For example:

Light emanates from the sun.


Special Uses of Prepositions


1.            Use ?in or at? with names of cities, town or village.

For example: We stayed in Mumbai./We stayed at Mumbai.


2.            Use ?at or to? talk about group activities and shops.

For example: I saw him at the baker?s.


3.            Use ?in? with the names of streets and ?at? with house number

For example: He lives in Tanga street at house no. 17.


4.            Use ?on? when think of a place as a surface.

For example: The dog is lying on the floor.


5.            ?Till? is used for time and ?to? is used for place.

For example: He slept till eight o? clock.


6.            With ?often? denotes the instrument and ?by? the agent.

For example: Ramu killed two birds with one shot by his gun.


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