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Passage Completion has been an important component of the verbal section. It refers to the question type where a paragraph is given and a sentence from the given paragraph is removed (In most of the cases, the last sentence is removed).

All you have to do is to complete the paragraph i.e., you have to choose the option which completes the given paragraph in the best manner from the given options.

Solving Passage Completion questions is all about how much one can comprehend from the given paragraph. The more you understand the paragraph, the easier it becomes for you to solve the question. It becomes easier for you to solve these types of questions if you are a good reader.

Go through the paragraph and try to catch the essence of the paragraph. Figure out what the paragraph is all about. Try to understand the keywords used in the passage.

Some Important Pointers to keep in mind while solving a passage completion question

There are no pre-defined formulas to solve Passage Completion type questions. But there are some important points we need to remember while solving them.

  • Find the essence of the passage

Once you are able to find it, Passage Completion would become an easy affair.

  • Notice the tone of the passage

Think about it. If an author is being sarcastic in his writing, wouldn't it be logical to choose the option which has sarcasm in it? Remember however that there might be multiple options that comply with the author's tone.

Hence, always keep in mind that Tone is Important but not the only criteria.

  • Do not pick an option that brings an external idea

Never pick an option which talks about things that are not mentioned in the paragraph. The correct option will be the one which relates itself to the core information mentioned in the paragraph.

  • Reject the options that are contradictory

Whenever you see an option which contradicts the idea of passage, eliminate it.

  • Maintain the flow of the paragraph

Always make sure you are maintaining the flow of ideas in the passage. Never pick an option which breaks or suddenly changes the flow to some other direction.

  • Pay Special Attention to the line before the blank

The line before the blank pays an important role in PC. Sometimes, the correct option is the one which is in agreement with that line. So it would be wise if one also pays close attention to what that line is talking about.

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