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The name of a person, place or a thing is called noun. For example: Taj Mahal, book, Arun, etc.



1.            Proper Noun:

The name given to a particular person, place or thing is a proper noun.

For example:

Kolkata is a large city.

Grant is reading the book.


2.            Common Noun:

A noun that gives a common name to person, place, animal or thing is called common noun.



?              Countable Noun:

Common noun which can be counted is called countable noun.

For example:

Girls are going to the school.

There are many flowers on the plant.


?              Uncountable (Mass) Noun:

Common noun which cannot be counted is called uncountable noun.

For example:

Take a glass of milk.

Water is necessary for life.



3.            Collective Noun:

A collective noun is the name of a collection of persons or things taken together as a single unit.

For example:

Our team won the match.

Indian army fought bravely.


4.            Material Noun:

The noun that is used for the raw substance of which things are made is called material noun.

For example:

The glass is made up of steel.

The jewellery is made up of gold.


5.            Abstract Noun:

The noun that is used to describe action, state or quality is called abstract noun.

For example:

Honesty is the best policy.

Laughter is the best medicine.


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