6th Class English Notice Writing Points to Keep in Mind While Writing Notice

Points to Keep in Mind While Writing Notice

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*    Points to Keep in Mind While Writing Notice


  • Name of the organization issuing notice may be in Capital Letters.
  • Date should be place either at top right or left, or at bottom right or left.
  • Entire content of the notice should be in a box.
  • Name of the individual issuing notice along with his designation should be given at the bottom.
  • A notice should not be more than 50 words.  





Class X physics records may be left on top of lab cupboard before 6th Sept.

Defaulters will loss marks.

10th August 2011                                                                                                                            

S Verma

Lab In-charge





Lost & Found

In the playground, Friday 3rd Roamer ball point pen, green cap. Finder may return to student monitor of Class XI. Reward chewing gum.1st May 2011                                     

Soumitra Sen

Student Monitor






The due date of opening of this office tender No. TW -131 & TW-132 have been extended to 05.10.10 (TW -131) the details also available at our website www.raendergy.com /www.idvnl.com

Superintending Engineer






Given below is a 'lost' notice put in a newspaper. Answer the questions based on it.  


A young puppy, about eight weeks old, who will sometimes answer to the name of Chubby. He is wearing a black collar, with his name and address printed on it in capital letters. Chubby has a smooth white coat, but his paws are brown. His tail is short and he often wags it with pleasure. Chubby is very valuable to me and I should be grateful if the finder would return his to me at 6, Sai Apts., East Street, Pune.

(signed Raju Ganpathi)  



  Who wrote this notice?

(A) Raju kumar                                                 

(B) Raju Ganpathi

(C) Raju Roy                                                      

(D) Raju Prasad

(E) Raju verma  


Answer: (b)

Explanation: Raju Ganpathi wrote this notice.  



  How old is Chubby?

(A) Seven weeks old                                     

(B) Five weeks old

(C) Eight weeks old                                        

(D) Nine weeks old

(E) One weeks old  


Answer: (c)

Explanation: Chubby is eight weeks old.  



  Write words from the passage which are the opposites of: rough

(A) Uneven                                                       

(B) Coarse

(C) Bumpy                                                          

(D) Smooth

(E) Irregular  


Answer: (A)

Explanation: the opposite of rough is smooth  



  Write words from the passage which are the opposites of: Cheap.

(A) valuable                                                       

(B) Low price

(C) Not Expensive                                           

(D) Economical

(E) Low cost  


Answer: (A)

Explanation: the opposite of cheap is valuable      



  How would you feel if you lost a puppy?

(A) Sad                                                                

(B) Happy

(C) Jolly                                                               

(D) None of these  


Answer: (A)

Explanation: I would feel very sad  

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