6th Class English Letter Writing Types of Letters

Types of Letters

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*    Types of Letters  


*        Friendly of Personal Letters

Such letters are written to close friends, to relatives and other close persons of esteemed regards and respect.  


*        Business Letter or Official Letters

Such letters are written in connection with the inflow or out flow of business transaction or in offices- from one office to another office or person, expressing the specific requirement of the officer or firm to comply with or to person or ask for information from the other party, office or person. Those are more technical and formal ones. Here we do not express any emotional feelings but straight away communication.  


*       Special Letters

These are very formal and short letters. Generally used for acknowledgments, invitations, accepting or declining replies. In such letters we neither make any emotional communication nor any technical or descriptive nature.  


*       Forms of letters

There are certain letter forms that have been established by tradition, custom and experience which should be followed by every letter writer as neglect of it would only show the ignorance and carelessness. Below given are the examples of different types of letters.  


1.  Write a letter to your cousin who has failed in the final examination, giving his consolation.


8, Malabar Hills,


1stOct. 2010

My dear Rahul

It pains me very much to hear from respected uncle that you have failed at the intermediate Examination this year by a few marks. Really, your failure is something unexpected, but remembers that examination is by chance. Don't be disheartened but on the other hand work hard and I am sure that you will certain get first division this year.

Please don't be nervous and my sincere advice is not to lose heart.

With deepest sympathy,

Yours sincerely,



2.  Write an application to principal for arranging a trip.

The principal,

Cambridge School



I, on behalf of the students of class VII, beg to approach you for your kind permission and orders to arrange the trip to Nainital in summer vocations. Our dass- teacher, Ms. Reena Bansal and English teacher Ms. Arti Singh have kindly given their consent to accompany us. Nainital is well- developed hill station, where we can have trekking and camping facilities. This excursion will provide us confidence and inter personal relationship. I hope that you will grant this permission. The students will contribute but all the arrangements must be made with your guidance and approval.

(class representative)


3.  Letter to friend congratulating him on his success.

18, Carol Bag

New Delhi

September29, 2010

My dear friend Robert

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your brilliant success at High School examination. My joy knows no bounds when I think that you have topped in the exams. You have secured 98 % marks. This is the result of your hard work and sincerity.

My parents are also happy to know about your success. Kindly convey my respect to your parent and love to the youngest. With best Wishes

Yours friend



4.  Letter to father for money.

F-11 Badarpur,

New Delhi

September 9, 2010

My dear father

You will be glad to know that I stood first in my class in first terminal test. Now I want to by some books and also I have to deposit my 2nd terminal exams fees. So, I request you to send me Rs. 1000. For the fees and for purchasing books.

With best regards

Yours loving daughter



5.  A letter to your friend, condoling her on the death of her mother.

85, Govind puri

New Delhi

20 September, 2010                                                                                                                                                                              

My dear Maria

I received your letter yesterday. I was shocked to know about the sudden death of your mother. I knew that she was ill. But herend was far from my imagination. You all must be feeling very said. It is a great loss to you. But it was God's will. You should bear this loss with fortitude. May God grant peace to her Soul!

Yours friend



6.  Letter to your uncle thanking him for a birthday gift.


83, Rajori Garden

New Delhi

February 4, 2010

My dear Uncle,

My parents celebrates my birthday with great rejoicing. I got many gifts. But, liked the most your gift. I want to say thank you for the beautiful wrist watch that you sent. It was very nice and I needed this very much since I lost- my watch last month. Everyday liked it. I will keep it with care. It will remind me of your deep love for me.

Please convey my regards to aunt.

With best regards,

Yours loving




7.  Write a letter to your neighbor about the nuisance causing by his dog.


Quarter No. 8606

8C Basant Kunj

New Delhi

8th Feb. 2010


Dear Mr. Robert

I want to bring to your kind notice that your bull dog is a permanent nuisance to us. It not only barks but also chases and bites. Yesterday it bit a postman who is in the hospital. In frightens children who dare not move freely .Your dog also enters our garden and spoils plants. It barks so loudly that we cannot drive it out. You have every right to keep it to look after your house, but it is not proper to keep it loose. I hope you will realize our problems and will not give us any chance for complaint. With best regards


Yours faithfully


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