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Disaster Management

Management is directly related to planning about future means, what will be the alternate options if your present plan does not work. Similarly managing the situation for disaster. Disasters are generally very destructive in nature. It results huge loss to life and necessary commodities. If it is a case of flood the basic articles like food, matches, drinking water, medicines become big issues because these things get washed away with the flood. Crops, animals and houses also suffer a big loss. To come to normal situation it takes several years. Earthquake or war with a country pushes the country a decade behind. Earthquake destroys the buildings, roads, powder plants and loss to life is large in numbers. People overcome from financial loss but they can not overcome from emotional loss occurred in these disasters. So, it is the responsibility of Government to take action to ensure for the basic facilities in case of disasters. And also it is the responsibility of a common man to take care of all these things.



An indirect attack to Indian economy- inflation slows down the growth rate of any economy. As inflation is the flow of money decreases into the market. We know that inflation is directly proportional to purchasing power of rupees. In the last few months inflation cracked some new records. It touched around 12% (11.68%) which was really very high and government was not able to control it. But slowly and gradually it came down. The inflation is said to be good if it is between 4 to 6%. Inflation calculation contains so many commodities which are used in day to day life. The possible factors for the growth of inflation may be American economy, prices of oil, National Stock Exchange of Europe, production-agriculture and also political movement in the country. All these mentioned factors decide the inflation.


Mobile: Need, Fashion Necessity

The symbol of status is now the means of communication, a common man is now carrying a mobile phone. Even a low earning person like vegetable vendor, milk man, bangle seller, street hawker, newspaper vendor is using mobile. Now-a-days handsets are so cheap that you can purchase at Rs. 501 a new handset. Wherever you are at any time you can contact anybody and share your thoughts. For businessman, it is nothing without mobile. Similarly for a doctor, it can save life of someone who needs a doctor urgently. Earlier mobile was used by only army and police personnel, but in the last few years, government decided to make it available for all. So that masses could get benefit from it. But few handsets which are full of facilities like MP3 ringtone, camera, bluetooth, etc., are symbols of status or way of fashion also.


Time Machine

Time keeps changing, everyone know\s this fact but most of us never realise that as the time passes our death is coming near to us. Now if we could make such a machine who could put us back at any time. If I am dying and I ask the time machine to take me 20 years back or make me young. So that I could live longer. In other case if I am a child and want to grow instantly then I will order the time machine to make me young. It is something similar to a magic side which will work in any order. Time machine concept has been very popular in literature, in film industry (specially hollywood). There are a lot of movies based on time machines. 'If I could make it then definitely I could have saved some prominent leaders, writers and scientists because they played an important role for the betterment of humanity. No doubt time machine will change the face of society and it will be the greatest achievement by the science.


A Journey by Train

As the summer vacation started the family started planning to meet our grandfather who lives in a village named Dharampur. Date of journey was fixed as 20th May We all boarded the train. Train was running in full speed, w-hen we woke up in the morning we looked out of the window, there was fantastic greenery. Fields of crops were dazing. This was really a very beautiful scene. Then train reached at the destination. In the evening we reached home.

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