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Identification through Definitions and Example

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Identification through Definitions and Example


In this lesson, we will try to identify the object/person/anything by its definition or by certain examples. Below are mentioned some example to develop your understanding.


·                     A person residing in a country of which he is not a citizen. Non-resident

·                     Happening every year                                                                              Annual

·                     Living in water                                                                                        Aquatic

·                     One who does not believe in God                                                              Atheist              

·                     An assembly of hearers                                                                            Audience

·                     The science of plant life                                                                           Botany

·                     A list of the names of books                                                                     Catalogue                                 

·                     One hundred years                                                                                  Century

·                     A letter claimed by nobody                                                                      Dead letter

·                     A book which tells what   various words mean                                            Dictionary

·                     Fit to be eaten Edible      

·                     One who is fit to be elected                                                                      Eligible

·                     That which causes death  Fatal

·                     An imaginary serpent with Many heads                                                      Hydra

·                     Contrary to law                                                                                      Illegal

·                     That which cannot be Moved                                                                   Immovable

·                     That which cannot be heard                                                                     Inaudible

·                     That which cannot be seen                                                                       Invisible

·                     A place containing books for reading or reference                                         Library

·                     To carry away a person forcibly                                                                Kidnap

·                     A lady who attends sick persons or infants                                                  Nurse

·                     Of evil reputation                                                                                    Notorious

·                     A child whose parents are dead                                                                 Orphan

·                     One who is liked by the People                                                                 Popular

·                     A place where birds, animals, etc., are kept                                    Zoo

·                     A woman whose husband is dead                                                  Widow

·                     A rule that is applicable to all                                                                   Universal

·                     Privilege, enjoyed by cityzens                                                                    Right

·                     An examination of body made after death                                                 Postmortem

·                     That which has no equal                                                                          Unique

·                     One who lives on vegetables only                                                  Vegetarian

·                     Of one?s own free will                                                                              Voluntary

·                     That which cannot be avoided                                                                  Unavoidable

·                     Allowance given to intelligent student                                                         Scholarship


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