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Letters are mainly of three types:


Personal Letter: Those letters which are written to our relatives friends and to known persons. Business Letter: Those letters which are written to business mass traders and business firms. Official Letters: Those letters which are written to government officers such as postmaster, principal, etc.


A letter consists of six parts which are shown below as example.

1.            Heading

2.            The salutation or greeting

3.            The body

4.            The subscription

5.            Signature

6.            Address


A.         You are Kavi Naik residing at A-39, Mohan Nagar, Allahabad. You with your family have planned a visit to Delhi to meet your brother, Rahul Naik residing at 31, Sainik Vihar, Delhi. Write a letter to your brother telling him about the tour.



Rahul Naik

31, Sainik Vihar, Delhi

20th May, 2018


Dear Rahul,

You will be happy to know that we are coming to Delhi to spend some time with you. Father, mother, sister and I, all will reach Delhi by 35th May. Please make sure all the necessary arrangements are made before we reach. Love from all of us.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Your brother

                                                                                    Kavi Naik


B.         You are Ankur Garg studying in R.P.S Public School in DelhL Your family is living in Orissa« Your class is going to Agra for a picnic. Write a letter to your father requesting him to grant the permission to go with your class.



Dear Father,

I am glad to know that you all are enjoying life there in Orrisa. I have a good news for you that all students of our class have planned a picnic to Agra. I want to go with them. The cost of my trip will be paid by the school because I scored highest marks in the school.

I kindly request you to please allow me to join this trip.


        Yours lovingly

Ankur Garg



C.         You are Suman Kumar studying in class VIth G.B.S.S. School. Write a letter to the principal of your school requesting him for school uniform from school stock.



The Principal

G.B.S.S. School.

Moti Nagar, Delhi - 92

26th Aug. 2018



Respected Sir,

I am Sumant Kumar, a student of VIth B of your school. My father is a poor man and he is hardly able to look after the family. Last year I scored ninety percent and stood first in the class. As this is the beginning of new session, I am not able to buy school uniform.

I humbly request you to please issue me a uniform from the school stock.


Thanking you.

Yours obediently

          Sumant Kumar

VIth - B,

Roll No.: 104



D.        You are Raman Singh living at 41, Rani Bagh, Delhi - 34. Place an order of books of your choice to XYZ Publication, Darya Ganj, Delhi.


Raman Singh

41, Rani Bagh, Delhi - 34.


The XYZ Publication

Darya Ganj, Delhi

10th April, 2018



Dear Sir,

I am Raman Singh. I have gone through a few books of your publication. I liked the books. Now I am sending you the list of books. I am enclosing a DD for the same, please send these below mentioned books immediately.



S. No

Name of book



English Grammar of 6th



History 6th Class



Economics 6th



The Times UK



Previous year question book




E.         You are Ankit Roy, a student of class VI in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Buradi, Delhi - 07. Your father has been transferred to Mumbai. Write an application to the principal of your school requesting him to issue your migration certificate.



The Principal

Kendriya Vidyalya, Buradi, Delhi - 07

5th September, 18

Sub: Migration Certificate


Respected Sir,

I am Ankit Roy a student of XIth A of your school. My father is working in private sector. His place of duty keeps changing. Now we are shifting to Mumbai. So 1 will not be able to continue my studies from this school.

I request you to please issue me a migration certificate, so that I can continue my studies at Mumbai,


Yours obediently

Ankit Roy

Class XIth - A

Roll No. 42





A notice is a piece of writing which draws attention to an upcoming event in a communitv.

A notice is brief, clear and precise in instructions and must include the reason for which it is issued, details of the event and other necessary information. Look at the following example.


·                     Example 1


You are Jenny/John Roberts, secretary of the Environment Club of your school (Modern School, London) which is celebrating 'The Green World Week/ to create awareness regarding the essence of trees in our life. Draft a suitable notice in not more than 50 words.


                                               Modern School, London

February 8, 2017




The Green World Week


The Green world Week is being organised by the Environment Club. The Municipal Commissioner Mr. N. K. Dayma will be attending the program. It will be held on February 16, 2017. There will be poster designing on the topic environment and many other activities for pupils from classes 3 to 8. For more informantion please contact your class teacher.


Jenny Roberts


Environment Club





A short written note or piece of information sent from one person to another is called a message. The content of a message should be put in a box. Only important details should be included without adding any new information in the message. Look at the following example.



·                     Example 2


Read the conversation between David and Vicky David was going out and so he left a message for his father. Draft the message in about 50 words.

Vicky: Can I speak to Mr. Simon?

David: I am sorry He is out of station.

Vicky: When is he expected back?

David: He will be back home by tomorrow afternoon.

Vicky: Could you please remind him that George's wedding is on June 16? We had planned to go together. But since my son is in hospital, I will not be going for the wedding. John is going and he can join him. Tell him to give me a ring when he comes back.

David: Sure, uncle.

Vicky: Thank you, David.


14th June, 2017



Mr. Vicky called to remind you that George?s wedding is on 16th June. He and you had planned earlier to go together. But due to the hospitalisation of his son, he will not be able to go for the wedding. You can go along with Mr. John for the occasion. Call him when you are back.




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