6th Class Computers Science Microsoft Word Introduction


Category : 6th Class

*      Introduction


Word processor is one of the leading document creation software. Basically it was secular in the 1970s and 80s. It enables various features, such as text entry, printing document, inserting graph and picture. Microsoft Word (MS Word) is one of the most widely and commonly used word processor package.  


*   Using MS Word you can performs the following functions:

  • Creating new document.
  • Editing existing document.
  • Printing a document.  
  • Alignment setting for the document.
  • Tracking number of words used in a document.
  • Enabling inbuilt dictionary which is used while writing text.
  • Enabling to add number of pages in a document.
  • Spelling check in a document.
  • Inserting picture in a document.
  • Inserting table and chart in a document.  

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