6th Class Computers Science Getting Started with Spread Sheet  Introduction to Spreadsheet

 Introduction to Spreadsheet

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*    Introduction to Spreadsheet



Worksheet environment which is used to manage numbers and calculation or provides an electronic worksheet is known as Excel. An Excel file which contains several worksheets is referred as a workbook. The text, numbers and formulas which enters in Excel is permitted by Worksheet. By default three worksheet are presented in every workbook. It promotes number of features that allows you to generate formulas which are automatically updated when you change plot numeric date and data in charts. It contains grid which is made up of columns and rows, thus it used easily to perform mathematical calculations.  


*   Applications related to worksheets are as:

  • Financial accounting.
  • Helps in solving complex engineering problems.
  • Helps in inventory controls and formatting reports.
  • Helps in creating business planning's.
  • Helps in preparing Invoice.             

Rows and Columns are the main component of worksheets. A column and rows are The vertical and horizontal group of cells. Maximum numbers of columns you can enter in an Excel worksheet are 256. Whereas the maximum number of rows you can enter in that are 65,536 rows.  

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