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Plants Classification

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*   Introduction


Wide variety of living things, from very simple algae to very complex flowering plants, exist in the plant kingdom. Plants convert useful solar energy into chemical energy of food in the process of photosynthesis. Plants are seen everywhere, even in the desert, in the aquatic medium, in the hot damp places and in very cold places. Botany is the science which deals with the study about the plants.

                                               Plant's Classification


Paddy, wheat and maize are monocot plants belong to the grass family.



Pea, bean, gram are dicot plants belong to the leguminous family.



In this chapter we will study about gymnosperm and angiosperm (flowering plant).


*        Gymnosperm

This group of plants bear naked seeds. Plants develop with erect stem and many branches. Male and female plants are separate. Leaves perform photosynthesis. For example, pinus, cycus, gnetum etc.


Pine tree                                                  Cycus tree                                               Naked Seeds in Cone


*         Angiosperm

Angiosperm plants are highly developed. Seeds are not naked and closed inside an ovary. They have well differentiated leaves, roots and stems. Angiosperm are also called flowering plants, which are divided into two groups.


Ferns, mosses, fungi etc. do not have flowers, rather they possess spores, which grow into a new plant.



           Mosses                                                Ferns

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