5th Class Science Human Body and their Needs Joints


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*        Joints


A Joint is the place where two bones meet. Most joints are movable. There are four kinds of joints in our body.


*           Ball and Socket Joint

This type of joint allows movement in many directions. The shoulder joint and the hip joint are examples of ball and socket joint.



     Hip Joint                                        Knee Joint                               Elbow Joint  


*        Hings joint

This type of joint works like the hinges in the door. This kind of joint only allows back and fourth movement. Bones in the knee, elbow/ fingers, and toes have this type of joint.  


*       Pivot joint

This type of joint is found between the first two vertebrae of your backbone. It allows you to move your head up, down, and sideways.



*       Gliding Joint

This type of joint is found in the bones of the wrist and the ankle. It allows these bones to slide against each other in a gliding motion.



Wrist joint                                                                                        Ankle joint    


*         Nervous System

The nervous system controls the different organs of our body.


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