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Safety and First Aid

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            Safety measures are important to avoid accidents and minimize their after effects.

            Safety on the road is more important now a days because of the rapid increase in number of vehicles, road sign and signals are meant for safety. Traffic signals control the flow of traffic, and ensure smooth movement of vehicles

  • First aid: is the first medical help given to an injured person before reaching to a doctor. The most important during first aid to assure the injured and stay calm, don't create a panic situation.
  • Cuts and scratches: Germs can enter a body through cuts or wounds and causes infection
  • The wound should be washed through to remove the dirt and foreign bodies of the wound
  • Clean the affected area with antiseptic solution
  • Place a sterile gauze and thick pad of cotton on the wound and give pressure bandage it will help in controlling of bleeding.
  • A Tourniquet: can be used. This is a bandage lightly tied over the wound to stop bleeding
  • Wrap: a sterile gauze bandage around the wounded area
  • For nose bleeding: keep the patient up right in a comfortable position with this head held back. Pinch the nose firmly and breath through month.
  • Keep the ice-pack on nose.
  • Avoid pickling and blowing of the nose.
  • If bleeding is heavy reach to doctors, preferably to a specialist E.N.T doctor.



A cracks or break in a bone is called a fractures - keep the patient calm and comfortable, apply a splint to give support to the broken bone and try to avoid unnecessary movement then send to the orthopedic doctor. A made from a triangular price of cloth may be used for support


Burn injury can be caused by hot objects, fire steam, boiling water, cracker electric current and chemicals like acids.



These are very painful. Let running cold water/ late water flow out on the bum till pain reduces. Apply any antibiotic lotions and ointments to prevent infections.



Cover the bum area clean (sterile piece) with gauze to prevent it form germ and dust reach to proper open medical setup. If fire has been caused by electric fault if should be turned off immediately.

            Don't throw water on It. it may causes electric shock, use a fire extinguisher or sand



Animal bites are common. Wash the wound with soap and mnning water for more than 15 minutes, so that the germs will be washed away without being attached to the injured tissue. Dog, monkey, cat, cow, buffalo etc. can cause rabies so anti rabies serum and vaccine must be given as early as possible and would should not be stitched/bandaged.



The victim should be assured as few and snakes are poisonous. Poisonous snake injects poison through its sharp teeth called fangs. Apply a tomianet (vet) just above the site of bite to stop flow of blood this may slow down the spread of poison. Treatment must be given immediately as the poison can kill.



Properly wash vegetables and fruits before eating them they may contain pesticides and insecticide. In case of poisoning try to make vomit out the poison except during poisoning with acids and alkalis.

Rush the victim to medical centre equipped to deal the condition. Keep all the medicine locked away from the reach of children. Read the medicine labels carefully to identify the drugs and avoid expired drugs


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