5th Class Science Weather, Air and Water Air, water and weather

Air, water and weather

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Air, water and weather


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Ants can feel a storm coming. They collect food when they feel a storm is on the way.

Changes in air is on the way. Changes in air pressure warn them.  


  • The blanket of air that surrounds the earth is called the It protects life on earth in various ways.


  • The atmosphere has troposphere and stratosphere layers.


  • The layer nearest to the earth is the tropo- sphere.


  • The layer that lies above the troposphere is the


  • Air is a mixture containing 78% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen and 1% of other gases including carbon dioxide. It also has dust, smoke and water vapor.


  • Air has weight, it occupies space. Air exerts pressure in all directions, Substances that make water unfit for consumption are called impurities,


  • Water is very important to all living things. Harmful impurities in water have to be removed to make it fit for drinking.


  • Sedimentation, decantation and filtration are used for removing insoluble impurities in water.


  • Distillation is used to remove soluble impurities in water.


  • Sedimentation and filtration are used for removing insoluble impurities. Chlorine is added to kill germs and help make the water safe for drinking.


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