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Embedded Figures

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Embedded Figures






·                     It will measure cognitive functioning and style of students.

·                     Students will be able to find shapes within the large more complex





A figure is said to be embedded in figure (X), if figure (X) contains a part of that figure.




Types of Questions



Type I: Identify the Small Part hidden in given figure:


In such type of problems, a figure (X) is given, followed by four parts, such that one of them is hidden in figure (X), students have to identify that part.


DIRECTION (Example 1 - 3): In the following questions, identify which shape is hidden in the figure (X).


Examples 1:

(a)                             (b)                

(c)                              (d) 


Ans. (b)   




Examples 2:

(a)                            (b)              

(c)                           (d)


Ans. (d)




Examples 3:

(a)                            (b)               

(c)                            (d)


Ans. (d)



Type II: Identify the Figure in Which Given Part is Hidden


In such problems, a figure X is given which is followed by four alternative of complex figures in such a way that figure (X) is hidden or embedded in one and only one of them. The students have to identify that particular figure in which the figure (X) is hidden.


DIRECTIONS (Example 4 & 5): Choose the alternative which contains figure (X) as its part.



Examples 4:

(a)                (b)               

(c)                 (d)


Ans. (d)



Examples 5:


(a)                (b)                    

(c)                     (d)


Explanation: The actual embedded image of real image is as shown below:


Ans. (a)

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