5th Class English Prepositions Exercise


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Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition:  


  The lady writes _______ a pen.


Answer: with  



  The leaf fell ____________ the pond.


Answer: into  



  A cat jumped _______ the lamp.


Answer: over  



  The dog is running _______ the cat.


Answer: Behind    





Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions      


  We are very grateful _________ you.

(A) With                                                              

(B) On

(C) To                                                                   

(D) Under

(E) With


Answer: (C)

Explanation: We are very grateful to you.  



  She agreed ___________ my proposal.

(A) To                                                                   

(B) With

(C) On                                                                  

(D) Of

(E) Under


Answer: (A)


She agreed to my proposal.  





  •  A Preposition is a word which comes before a noun or a pronoun and shows its relation to other words in the sentence.

Preposition of:

1.  Time                     (A)    I got up at 9 o'clock.

(B)    She has been reading for two hours.

(C)    She has been walking since two p.m.

2.  Manner                (A)   He earns money by Boxing                                

(B)    She played with care.                                

(C)    He walks on his legs.

3.  Place                   (A)   An Accident took place near Temple.                                

(B)    A car ran over a dog.                               

(C)    Stars shine in the sky.

4.  Direction             (A)    The rat ran towards the hole.                                

(B)   She went around the Church.                                

(C)   A saint came from the east.                

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