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                   A conjunction is a word that joins words, sentences, phrases and clauses together.

(a) Cricket and tennis are my favourite games.

(b) I need some coloured papers and a bottle of glue.

 1.            We use 'and' to join two words of the same part of speech, or a noun and a pronoun, or two short sentences:-

(a) She is sincere and hardworking'.

(b) Salim and I study together.

2.            We use 'but' to join contrasting words or   sentences:"

(a) Anil is intelligent but careless.

(b) John fell off a running bus but was not hurt.

3.            We use 'or' whenever there is choice:"

(a) You should hurry up or you will miss the bus.

4.            We use 'because' if one sentence says something and the second sentence gives a reason for it:-

Harjit is absent because he has fever.

The use of some more conjunctions:

1.            I have heard that the school is closed tomorrow.

2.            Don't start moving until the light turns green.

3.            If you take a glass of warm milk, you feel better.

4.            You will not get the money unless you sign this letter.

5.            It is Sunday today, therefore the markets are closed.

6.            We rented this house so that we could live near the school.

7.            Although, he is quite rich, he is leading a simple life.

8.            Juhi was still doing her homework when the lights went out.


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