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Applications of Multimedia

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Applications of Multimedia



Multimedia is form of multiple media. It contains all types of media to play. The traditional cassette players have been replaced by MP3 players with music video capabilities. Multimedia is one of the most fascinating and fastest growing areas in the field of information technology. It is a combination of text, pictures, animation, movies and sound. Multimedia finds its application in various areas such as advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business and scientific research. In this chapter, we will study about the application of multimedia in different fields.


Multimedia in Education          

In the field of education, teachers incorporate multimedia to replace actual lecture and practical demonstration. Multimedia brings the power of interactivity into learning. In this way, multimedia is different from the television.


In education, multimedia is used to produce computer-based training courses (popularly called CBTs) and reference books like encyclopedias and almanacs which are very popular. CBTs make use of text, graphics, sound and animation.



Multimedia in Entertainment

The Entertainment industry is one of the largest sectors of multimedia and growth in this industry has evolved collectively with technology in the production of film, commercials, games and many other areas of entertainment. Multimedia is heavily used in the entertainment industry, especially to develop special effects in movies and animations. Some examples are Avatar, Jurassic Park and Lion King. Multimedia games are a popular pastime and the same goes for software programs available either as CD-ROMs or online. Some video games also use multimedia features.



Multimedia applications that allow users to actively participate instead of just sitting by as passive recipients of information are called Interactive Multimedia.


Multimedia in Games

Today, Multimedia games are big business. The concept of gaming is an essential part of entertainment in our everyday lives. Gaming allows humans to interact with a machine. The joystick is a device which is mainly used to play games on the computer. These days, children resort to game consoles such as play stations and Xboxes rather than physical games with active interaction with other kids.



Multimedia in Business

Multimedia in business is very effective presentation and sales tools. Business applications for multimedia include presentations, training, marketing, advertising, product demos, simulation, database, catalogs, instant messaging and network communications voice mails and video conferencing are provided. Internet marketing, website hosting and the coding of websites are all big business these days and they are grew out of the business. It used to extend list of clients using various technology such as E-mail, SMS, MMS, Conference call and Chatting etc.


Even basic office applications like a word processing package or a spreadsheet tool becomes a powerful tool with the aid of multimedia business. Pictures, animation and sound can be added to these applications to emphasize important points in the documents.


Multimedia can also offer critical services in the business world. While information can be conveyed by the singular use of still pictures, video, film, audio, or text, multimedia potentially multiplies the degree of effectiveness, due to the added entertainment value. Such benefits cannot be easily be matched by the application of a singular medium.


Some major E-Business list of Portals are following:


v  IRCTC Portal.

v  Online reservation site Yatra.com.

v  Life Insurance Corporation of India.

v  E-Banking Sites.

v  Online Shopping.

v  Online Stock trading site sharekhan.com.

v  Online Money transfer.


Multimedia in Advertising and Film Making

Every day digital media becomes more important as a means for receiving, producing, sharing and broadcasting information. Today's educators and students will find it particularly valuable to be skilled in the use of digital media tools such as final cut studio.


The multimedia industry is divided into several areas of productions, varying from still images produced for advertisement purposes, to motion films created for television and cinema. It is clear that our contemporary society is demanding more and more from entertainment and the competition of the entertainment industry is growing rapidly. In advertising, promoting products require an effective medium able to catch the interest of the targeted market. Multimedia plays a vital role in advertising, creating a huge influence in the market and gaining popularity


Multimedia in Research         

Multimedia analytics can be defines as the science of analyzing information together is that comes in modalities including video, images, text and audio. As we have seen text book images are not good at showing complex structures, or processes that involves change or a number of steps.



Multimedia modeling of research processes is used in a variety of disciplines in science including medicine, biology, engineering, and surface examination.


In Mathematical and Scientific research, multimedia is mainly used for modeling and simulation. For example, a Scientist can look at a molecular model of a particular substance and manipulate it to arrive at a new substance. Representative research can also be found in journals such as the Journal of multimedia.


Multimedia in Training

Multimedia presentations are a great way to introduce new concepts or explain h new technology. In companies, this reduces the design and training time. Individuals find it easy to understand and use multimedia. Corporate training has been the largest and oldest area for multimedia technology. It is especially suitable when processes, products and services involved are complex, frequently upgraded and modified.            


Training areas For multimedia application are:


v  Management skills.

v  Industrial and shop floor training.

v  Information technology products.

v  Medical and health care.

v  Government services.

v  Military weapons system.



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