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Environment is the natural surroundings of a living thing in which it lives and survives. Environment is everything that makes up the surrounding of a living thing.

                                                                                                                       Natural Environment                

Environment comprise of both living (biotic) and non living things (abiotic). The non living things in the environment are sunlight, water, air, temperature etc. The living things in the environment are human, plants, animals, etc. Each living thing has its own environment where it lives and grows. For example environment of a plant are sunlight, weather, air, water, soil in which it grows and the animal that consumes it. We, human beings, depend on our environment for all our need?. Each of the living things depends on the other living and non living thing in its environment for its survival.

Humans, while making life more comfortable for themselves, have damaged the environment in which they live, in many ways. Our actions are causing disastrous change in the environment. We exploit our environment to our maximum utility and in turn do nothing for its good. The condition is very alarming and needs proper thinking and action. We should do everything possible to save our environment before it is too late.

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