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Language is essentially a means of communication among the members of a society. There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the know about sone of them.


1.            Chinese- It is the official language of China and Taiwan, as well as one of the four official languages of Singapore. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.


2.            Spanish- There are many Spanish speaking countries in the world, as Spanish is the official language of

the 20 countries, as well as Puerto Rico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala. Honduras, Mexico. Nicaragua. Panama, Paraguay, ...Apr 19, 2017


3.            English- There are more than 50 English speaking countries, where English is either the official or the primary language. It is the third most common primary language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish).


4.            Hindi- Hindi is also spoken in some countries outside India, such as in Mauritius. Fiji, Suriname. Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and Nepal. Just like European languages, Hindi is written from left to right


5.            Arabic- Arabic is the official language in Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt. Eritrea, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Palestine, and Western Sahara.


6.            Portugese- Portuguese is an official language in about ten countries, including Brazil, Mozambique, Angola  Portugal, Gunea- Bissau , East Timor Equatorial Guinea , Macau , cape verde , and sao tome and principe


Interesting Facts

  •           The most popular language in the world is mandarin Chinese. There are 1,213,000,000 people in the world that speak that language


7.            Bengali- It is spoken by more than 210 million people as a first or second language, with some 100 million Bengali speakers in Bangladesh; about 85 million in India, primarily in the states of West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura; and sizable immigrant communities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Middle East.


8.            Russian -If we're speaking about countries in which Russian is an official national language, then the list is Russia. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.


9.            Japanese- It is an East Asian language spoken by about 128 million people, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language. It is a member of the Japonic (or Japanese-Ryukyuan) language family, and its relation to other languages, such as Korean, is debated.


10.          Punjabi- It is the native language of about 130 million people, and is the 10th most spoken language in the world. Most of the people who speak this language live in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India. It is also widely spoken in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.


Do you know

  •          Basque a language spoken in the mountains of spain and France is the only European language not related to any other known language 




Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy              

            Meira Kumar


            Kapil Isapuari

My Country My Life                               

            L.K. Advani

Narendra Modi: A Political Biography       

            Andy Marino

My Unforgettable Memories                     

             Mamata Banerjee

Walking With Giants                               

 G. Ramachandran (former Finance Secretary)


            The Lessons of My Life Khushwant Singh

One Life is Not Enough                           

            Natwar Singh 

My Music My Life                                  

            Pt Ravi Shankar

I am Malala                                          

            Malala Yousufzai and Christina Lamb j

The God of Small Things                        

            Arundhati Roy   

Interpreter of Maladies                            

            Jhumpa Lahiri

Playing It My Way                                 

            Sachin Tendulkar and Borrj Mazumder     

Unbreakable (Autobiography of Mary Kom)

Mary Kom                                     '

Runs in Ruins                                        

            Sunil Gavaskar

India at Risk                                          

            Jaswant Singh


            Roald Dahl

Born Again on the Mountain                   

            Arunima Sinha

Making India Awesome                           

            Chetan Bhagat



Abhigyan Shankuntlam                          







            Harsha vardhan



1.            Jnanpith Award

The Jnanpith Award is the highest literary award bestowed upon Indian authors by the Indian Government.


2.            Sahitya Akademi

This award is given annually to Indian writers who have written in any of the 24 languages recognized by the.


3.            Saraswati Samman  

The Saraswati Samman was instituted by the K.K. Birla foundation in 1991. It only awards writers in the 22 Indian languages recognised by the constitution and does not include English.


4.            Hindu Literary Prize

Started in 2010 by the Hindu Literary Review, a property of the newspaper The Hindu, this prize is awarded for the best literary fiction written in English, by an Indian citizen.


5.            Man Booker Prize

The Man Booker Prize for action is awarded to writers for full-length novels from the Commonwealth of Nations, Ireland or Zimbabwe.


6.            Nobel Prize in Literature

The Nobel Prize in Literature is only awarded to the best authors from all around the world.


7.            Pulitzer Prize

This US award is given to those in newspaper or online journalism, literature or music. There are 21 categories including the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing, the Pulitzer Prize for Music and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.


Do you know

  •             Sahita Akademi Awards Comprise a plaque and a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000

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