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Story Construction

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Story Construction


Story construction is an art of composition which gives us some moral. The main parts of a story are:

(i)  Heading

(ii)  Plot

(iii)  Moral

Some stories are given below as examples:


Story-1: The Fox and The Crow


It was a hot summer day A fox went in search of something to eat. He roamed about here and there but could not find anything to eat. He was dead tired and thought of taking rest under a shady tree. As he looked up at the tree he saw a crow sitting on a branch

of the tree. He had a piece of meat in his mouth. The fox's mouth began to water at the sight of the meat. He thought of a plan to get that piece of meat.

Soon he struck at an idea. He said to the crow, "O, lovely and sweet bird, people say that you have got a very sweet voice as your appearance is lovely. Would you not sing me a song to drive away my sorrow? The crow was stupid. It was taken in by his words. It

opened its beak to caw. The piece of meat slipped out of its beak and fell on the ground.

The fox took it up and ate it in the twinkling of an eye. The crow felt sad at its foolishness.

Moral: Beware of flatterers.


Story-2: Bad Company


Once there lived a rich man in a town. He had only one son. The boy was obedient and respectful. He was good at studies. He always stood first in the class.

Time rolled on. The boy fell into bad company He could not get through the examination. His father came to know about his bad result. This pained the rich father. He wanted to reform his son. He advised his son many times to give up the bad company but in vain.

On day the father thought of a plan. He went to the market. He bought some fresh apples. He bought a rotten apple also. Reaching home, he asked his son to place all the apples together in a basket. Next day he asked the boy to bring the apples. The boy wassurprised to see that all the apples had gone bad. He told his father about this. The father said to him, "one rotten apple can spoil all the good ones. Similarly, your bad friends will


spoil your life. So you must give up bad company." The plan worked well. The boy gave up bad company and became a good boy. He stood first in his class as before. This made his father happy.

Moral: Better be alone than in a bad company.


Story-3: The Slave and The Lion


Once there lived a slave in Rome. He had a cruel master. One day he ran into the forest. He was dead tired. He fell asleep. He heard the roar of a lion. He got up and saw a lion nearly He was not afraid of him. He saw that the lion's paw was bleeding. There was a thorn stuck in his paw. The slave went near him and pulled the thorn out. The lion was relieved of pain. The lion licked his hand as if thanking and went away After a few days the slave was caught by the men of his master who had come to him. He was ordered to be put before a hungry lion. The date was fixed. People came to see this sight. He was put in a big cage and hungry lion was let loose. The lion came roaring towards him. It was sure that he would tear the slave to pieces within a few minutes. But all the spectators were surprised to see that the lion began to lick his hands. He did not kill the slave. It was the same lion who was relieved of pain by the slave. The master of the slave was much pleased with him and set him free.

Moral: Do good, have good.


Story-4: King Bruce and The Spider


King Bruce of Scotland was under the rule of an English King. He wanted to make Scotland a free country. He fought many battles to fulfil his wish but he failed every time.

He ran away from the battlefield to a nearby jungle. He took refuge in a cave to escape capture. He was disappointed. All of a sudden he saw a spider falling down from his web. He began to watch the spider. The spider went up again but after climbing a short

distance it fell down again. It tried again but all in vain. Many attempts were made by the spider but without any success. At one of its attempts the spider fell down senseless.

The king thought that it would not try any more. As soon as the spider came into its senses, it began to climb again. It was its seventh attempt. This time it succeeded in its ambition. The king was very pleased at its success. He learnt a lesson from the spider. He came out of the cave and gathered large number of soldiers and fought another fierce battle. He was also successful like the spider. His country became free.

Moral: Try and try again. Success will come to you at last.


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