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A sentence is a group of words which conveys complete sense.

There are two parts of a sentence:


1.   Subject                      2.   Predicate


We can further divide the subject and predicate in other parts:



Let us look at some examples to understand the subject.

The main word is always noun and the adjective is the qualifier in the subject.


Identifying main word and qualifier


(a) The black                  goat was in the dark room.

     Qualifier                   Main word

                 (b) My elder                   brother is a clerk.

     Qualifier                  Main word


Qualifier is always placed before the main word.

To identify the predicate let us look at some examples:


(a) Tom named his house as pleasure house.

(b) The teacher appointed Max as monitor.

The complement is always noun or noun phrase.

 Types of sentences

 There are mainly five types of sentences.

 1.            Assertive or Declarative Sentences- The sentences which say something in a general way are called assertive or

declarative sentences.


2.            Interrogative Sentences- The sentences which ask questions are called interrogative sentences.


3.            Imperative Sentences- The sentences which express commands, requests or advices are called imperative sentences.


4.            Exclamatory Sentences- The sentences which express sudden or strong feelings are called exclamatory sentences.


5.            Optative Sentences- The sentences which express wishes, desires or prayers are called optative sentences.


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