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Paragraph Writing

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*    Introduction


A paragraph is a group of sentences which describes an idea (a topic). The sentences are written in regular order with a unity of thought in them.  


*       Main points for writing a paragraph

  • Introduction of the topic given for writing a paragraph.
  • Merits or demerits of the topic.
  • Conclusion.  


*       Read the following paragraphs carefully:  


*       Your Family

I am Edward. I am eleven years old. I live in New York. There are ten members in my family- grandfather, grand mother, father, mother, uncle, auntie, cousin, I and my brother and sister. My grandfather was an officer in bank who is now leading a retired life. My father is an Engineer in computer. My mother is a doctor in a City Hospital. My uncle is a Scientist. My auntie is a house wife. My elder brother is Fifteen years old. He studies in class XII in St. John School. My sister is a teacher in a Public School, New York. I also studies in Class IV. All family members love and respect each other. My grandparents love me very much. I am proud of my family.  


*       The Teacher you Like Most

Miss Roseleen is my teacher. She is M.A. in English. She teaches me English and Science. She is very beautiful. She is very efficient teacher. Her way of teaching is fascinating. Her voice is sweet and clear. She explains a topic again and again until the students understand that completely. She is very kind and sympathetic to all the students. She does not beat anyone. She loves all the students. She does not beat her students. She is much disciplined and respect for all the seniors. She always gives good advices to all. She is also liberal to giving marks. She comes to school in a very simple dress. But her thought are very high. I respect her very much. She is an ideal teacher of my School.  


*     The Game you like Most/Cricket

Cricket is my most favourite game. I like cricket very much. It is the most popular game in the whole world. Cricket is played in a field. Two teams play in a cricket match. Each team has eleven players. There is a captain, a vice captain and a wicket keeper among the players. This game is played with bat and ball. Stumps, gloves, helmet are the other things used in this game. This game is played in two ways - one day's game or limited over match and five day's game or test match . I like this game very much.  


*      My School

My name is Franklin. I am twelve years old. I read in St. John School/ Canada. It is one of the best school of the town. The school has a very big building. There are twenty five class rooms in my school. There are about two thousands students in this school. The school is from Nursery to Class XII. My school is affiliated to CBSE and ICSE both. Sir Michael Alexander is the principal of this school. He is a very nice gentleman and very good administrator. He is strict also. There are forty teachers in my school. All teachers and students respect the school principal. Teachers are good scholars in their subjects. There are a big hall in my school where prayer, cultural programmes and other activities of the school are held. There is a big library, a computer room and a big play ground in my school. I love my school very much.  


*     Health Is Wealth

Health is the most important thing in our life. It is more valuable than wealth. If a person is not healthy, all wealth is useless for him/ her. There is no pleasure for an unhealthy person. They always remain sad. They cannot enjoy their life. To lead a healthy life we should follow some routine. For example, early rising, morning walk, some exercise, etc. This should be done regularly. We should always take balanced diet and plenty of water. Milk, green vegetables and fruits should be taken more and more. It is good for health. After lunch one should take an hour's rest. By doing all these things a person can keep fit and healthy.  


*      The Rainy Season

After the summer the rainy season comes. The period is from June to September when most parts of India get rain. This season is awaited by one and all, especially by farmers. The rains give relief after the extreme heat of the summer. In some parts of India, there are heavy rains that cause floods. The earth turns from brown to green. It is almost like magic. The fields overflow with crops. The Indian farmers depend entirely on the rains for the growth of his crops. The farmer?s works in the heavy showers, but with a song in his heart. The river swell and sometimes flood occur. In cities water overflows the streets. Trains come to a standstill. Traffic moves slowly. Without the rains India would be a desert. Thank God for the rains  


*       A Visit to a Zoo

Last week our class went for a visit to the zoo. We went by bus. The zoo is by a lake. We entered the zoo and went past the various cages. We saw lions, tigers, cheetahs and bears. We saw birds of various colours and sizes. The huge cobras terrified us. The monkeys caused much merriment. The water animals such as the crocodile, the hippopotamus, and the rhinoceros were decidedly ugly. We saw cats of various sizes and colours. None of us had seen such cats before. We spent the entire day in the zoo. We had our lunch in a canteen inside. By 5 p.m. we left and got into the bus. We returned home tired, but happy.  


*       Christmas

25th December is celebrated as Christmas Day all over the world. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. People attend church services at midnight on the 24th the following week is Christmas week.

Games and competitions are held in churches everywhere. Santa Claus is very popular with children. Gifts and presents are distributed. Mouthwatering sweets and cakes are made. In Christian homes you will see the crib and the X'mas tree. Outside their houses people hang stars.

Christmas brings the message of peace and goodwill throughout the earth. It is a happy time when people are willing to forgive and forget.  


*      Global Warming

Global warming is the increase of the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere. However, the impact of global warming is far greater than just increasing temperatures. It affects rainfall patterns, melts ice caps and poses Danger to the lives of all living beings. Some of these changes are already occurring. Global warming can be caused by many factors. Carbon emissions by factories; cars, deforestation etc. are increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Scientists predict that as the world consumes more fossil fuel (petrol, diesel), greenhouse gas concentrations will continue to rise, and Earth's average surface temperature will keep on increasing. Cutting down pollution from care missions and power plants will decrease the rate of global warming to a great extent. Varied technologies for the use of alternative energy have already been developed. And, more technology is being developed regularly. We need to make use of alternative energy resources like wind power and solar power etc. and put a check on global warming, for our better future.  

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