3rd Class Science Safety First Notes - The Story of Fire

Notes - The Story of Fire

Category : 3rd Class

The story of Fire



  1. In the beginning, thousands of years ago man did not know how to control fire.


  1. When forest fires happened, man may have ate roasted food and liked it. Since then he started roasting roots and animal food.


  1. He kept on burning dried twigs since he did not know how to produce fire. Later, he came to know that fire can be produced by striking two stones.


  1. Fire is used to cook food and many other activities such as melting metals.


  1. Now we have kerosene stoves, matchsticks, wood, coal, petrol, LPG, etc., to produce fire. We use it as a means of energy.


  1. We should not play with fire. We should always turn off the LPG cylinder when not in use.


Notes - The Story of Fire

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